#43 New Years Eve

I’m having a New Years Eve pajama party that’s right . We are going to go outside and roast marshmallows and tell ghost stories in our pjs . Then we are going to go in my room watch a .movie, have a breakfast buffet. Everyone is in their favorite pajamas and slippers and I’m supplying the pillows for pillow fights.I also have fuzzy socks as party favors.When in my room we watch when harry met sally because it’s a classic , then we watch dirty dancing, which is a personal favorite of everybody.

I love the movie Dirty Dancing. Said Reece. I love their relationship Said Reece.They hollered

Who’s relationship? Said Ava?

 Baby and Johnny. Duh? Said Reece. They are magical said Reece.She whispered.

.Another favorite movie of everybody I think is Grease. We watch that movie too while munching on meatball sandwiches, smokey sausages, finger sandwiches, eggs, bacon, grits, biscuits, oatmeal, cereal dry, pop tarts, and popcorn. etc. Then we get into pillow fights, and everyone gets a headache by the time we are tired and exhausted from pillow fighting. We take an hour’s nap. Then we wake up, and tell more ghost stories, and don’t even think about roasting marshmallows cause we are stuffed.We decide to go outside and start shouting fireworks. Even though it’s early around seven o’clock pm, we are all excited about the new year coming around. We want to celebrate, and this is how we celebrate. Later we thought about going in the hot tub and getting tipsy. Then just drinking some virgin daiquiri.

Now we are in the hot tub and it’s nice being in the hot tub sipping on champagne,with me and my friends. We drink the whole bottle, we have no choice, but we just get a little tipsy of a little bubbly.That’s all.We are in a bikini. All of us and we are all dark complexion. Some of us anyway, some of us are fair.Two out of the five are fair.We are in our twenties. 

You think we had our own reality tv show are something like that.Yeah like the Kardashian’s said Amy.

We really got to spice things up a little said Amy.

And how are we going to do that, said Dana?

 I don’t know, but I find us a little too boring. Said Amy. 

Gheez! Said Dana. Really.

We get back into our pajamas cause they keep us warm. We are out of the hot tub and we are all around  the table outside gossiping about people who ain’t got a lick of sense and ain’t got no business living as far as I’m concerned.My name is Dana. I have black hair, green eyes, and I’m thin, just like my friends, alike like friends.

My cousin is one of my best friends. I invited her to my New Years Eve Pajama Party.Next we get my phone and play pandora country hits and rock my world little country girl is on. Even though we live in the city, we can still jam to that song. So we start dancing in our pajamas to that song. We just start partying to my playlist for the rest of the night and having pillow fights, you would think we were a bunch of teenagers. You only live once.I’m not ashamed, should I be? I mean I’m in my early twenties. It’s not a crime.I’m eating and partying. I’m even making waffles in my waffle maker,now we are eating waffles. Now we’re going to shoot fireworks again, we shooting them off the rooftop, and on the ground,we shooting real loud fireworks, and we can’t wait for the new yeAr to come around.We dance with each other while shooting the fireworks to the music. All five of us is having a blast!

We went out in our pajamas and robes and bought more fireworks and noisemakers and party horns and stuff to decorate with and napkins and plates , then went back to my house , then to my bedroom.we decorated my room in black and gold and the plates were black and gold, and the napkins were black, some, some of them were gold.we shoot more fireworks! We ate some more. We made noise, we blew party horns. We shake the noise maker and make more noise and we blow the party horns more.We shoot fireworks! The whole sky lit up full of colors. One firework sounded like a bomb. We played New Years Eve music on my playlist.We sang along.It was getting closer to the NewYear.

Everyone was making New Years resolutions .

Mines to go on a diet. Said Dana.

Mines to stop drinking. Mumbled Amy.

Me too and to go on a diet.Said Emily.

Mines to improve my memory. Whispered Ava.

Mines to get help with my depression. Whispered Sofia.

Anything and everything you can imagine they made a resolution for it.Happy New Year!


#42 New Years Eve

“Dana was talking to Emily, her cousin. about the new year. “”

“Well, Happy New Year! Dana said.”

“Happy new year to you too. “Said, Emily.

“What is your New Year’s resolution?”said, Dana?

“To lose 20 lbs said Emily.

“Mine is to lose 30 lbs said Dana and I’m going to rock my body when I lose the weight.”

“I’m going to get a whole new wardrobe too said, Dana.”

“Me too.”said, Emily.

I can’t hear you with this loud music and people shooting fireworks.

You think people would be through shooting fireworks by now said Emily.

They will shoot them all night long. At least till 3:00 in the morning.

“What? “Said, Dana.

“Nothing. “Said, Emily.

“Wow!I think I will head home then.”

“Do what you want. I will understand.”

“I might stay here for a couple of more hours said the other girls, “

“suit yourselves but I can’t take anymore. “

“That because you’re getting old Emily. Eh? I’m only in my late 20’s. “

“You’re old. Not like the rest of us. We’re in our early twenties. “

“Watch it now. Said, Emily. I’ve got a few more years before I turn 30. Said, Emily. I’m only twenty-six. “

“They blew her off. Bye. She said. Then she left. “

Let’s get the party started. They drank virgin daiquiris and are and watched more movies and shot more fireworks from the rooftop. They stayed up there for the rest of the night. They moved their buffet up there and they were still in their pajamas and slippers. They brought noisemakers and party horns. They would shake up the noise maker and then press down on it and make noise, then they would make noise with their party horns. They were having a good time. Still shooting fireworks till 2:00 am, then they got tired and called it quits. They told everyone Happy New Year one last time, hugged each other and went home and Dana went to bed.